What Should I Get for My Birthday?

(2017-06-18 Paris) What Should I Get for My Birthday? by Comtesse Margaux

dimanche le 18 juin 2017


Stayed in office till 7:00AM, mostly watching videos. Then ubered home and slept till 4PM. Then back to the office, where I spent from 5:30pm to 7:00AM the next day (not working) while Albert-Claude worked. I spent the day searching for a proper bed for our new home in Fontainebleau. We’re getting the keys on Tuesday. It’s surprisingly hard finding a new but antique-style French bed in France. I did find something though — a company based in Haywards Heath of all places. Albert-Claude used to pass by that showroom every day, what coincidence.

Emailed Dad “Happy Fathers Day” since it’s today, but he beat me to it with a message on Skype first, saying “Happy Fathers Day” then a boy emoticon. I guess he wanted to hear from me today. Mom sent a birthday cake emoticon at midnight, and before that at 6:49PM she wrote “It’s June 18 now” and before that “Hi, your birthday is coming up… How are you? Can you talk?” I just wrote back right now, asking if she did the embroidery kit I sent her.

Three days until my birthday! Albert was going to get me a pony, he found a yearling. Then he asked what I wanted. What should I ask for?

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