The Day We Got the Secret Newspaper Message

(2017-06-17 Paris) The Day We Got the Secret Newspaper Message by Comtesse Margaux

samedi le 17 juin 2017


Slept around 6am-ish (jet lag) so we woke up late. Albert-Claude went to do our laundry at the lavarie while I waited at our place on rue de l’Université, watching cartoons and shopping online for unicorn onesies and Hello Kitty stuff. I stumbled upon a YouTube video about the sad (fake) unicorn movement in London. Then Albert-Claude left again after a nap to by us food. By then it was 9:15pm and he had to walk to the farther store. Then we ubered to the office, where I had a long wash. I felt really clean, especially after the airport. The I began backing up and organizing my files to OneDrive. After a few hours of that (I still have 2,000 files left to do) I subscribed for one month to News in Slow French.

Before the wash, it occurred to us that they never scanned our passports when we entered France — this means on record, we never boarded the flight to Paris that we checked in to. This is after we found a big envelope on our desk at the office today, sent via registered mail with no return address. Enclosed was merely a copy of Les Echos dated mardi 30 mai 2017. It was postmarked on “06-06-17” with postage “002,84” euros. No one pays that in France to send a mere newspaper, so we knew it was a message from someone. Something happened on 30 mai that affects us. We found in the newspaper an article on Venezuela, titled “Au Venezuela, toujours pas de porte de sortie à la crise” with subtitles — “Depuis deux mois, l’opposition ne désarme pas”, and “Le belan des manifestations est très lourd: près de 60 morts.” 

(2017-06-17 Paris) The Day We Got the Secret Newspaper Message, Cover by Comtesse Margaux.jpg(2017-06-17 Paris) The Day We Got the Secret Newspaper Message, Article by Comtesse Margaux

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