Back in France via ACK and JFK

vendredi le 16 juin 2017


We landed in CDG today from JFK at 6:45AM. Albert-Claude was nervous something would happen to me at border control — since all they have to do is scan my passport and see that I’ve overstayed in France for a few months last time. I wasn’t bothered; I was playing. In the end, all was fine. At border control this time were three women who checked everyone thoroughly (women border officers always do) and one man who Albert noticed wasn’t checking. Albert told me to try to get in his line, and I did so right away. But there were two lines alternating, so I almost got the woman next to him, but lucked out. Albert waited 2-3 minutes and then slipped to the other line too. Albert looked at his watch, to show the cameras he’s casual and pressed for time. He got the male border officer, too. He let Albert straight through, and didn’t scan his passport either. We got our bag quickly and walked to the airport Sheraton so we could call an Uber. We forget that even at the Sheraton there’s no option to get picked up there specifically, so we asked concierge for a taxi instead. I found a long black wallet in the back of the cab, and thinking it was the driver’s, left it in his armrest. Then a few minutes after leaving, he saw it and asked if it was ours. The driver opened it to see what was inside and found an e-ticket, departing that same day from CDG to PTY (Panama City) via AMS (Amsterdam). We would have been more concerned, as there were also three Costa Rica passports inside (one of a man, his girlfriend, and the third likely a second passport for the girlfriend) but Albert could see from the photos that they were clearly drug addicts. And with an itinerary like that, they were likely doing some petty smuggling. But our driver was so freaked out that he couldn’t focus on the road. He let us out early so he could head back to the airport to try to find them so they won’t miss their flight. We called an Uber home.

It was so awesome seeing Sir Percy (our bunny) after many weeks (it only seemed like many weeks — we were actually gone just twelve days!)  Percy was absolutely fine, plenty of water and hay left. We had planned to leave the house again at 1PM to Fontainebleau. This way, we could visit our immobilier in person and get the keys to our new place on Saturday instead of Tuesday, three days early. But we never made it. We had a very long sleep, and spent most of the day in bed recovering.

Percy was so happy to have us home. He just sat there, unmoving, while I pet him. It was clear he felt we were dirty though — he kept cleaning himself thoroughly every time we picked him up. Then late in the night we took him out on his leash. Albert quickly taught him to run forward (like a horse, all you need to do is lightly tap his bum) and even turn. After all this time, he’s finally learned to go while leashed. He used to just get dragged!

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