Back to rue de l’Université

(2017-06-02 Paris) 22-55 Back to rue de L'Universite by Comtesse Margaux

vendredi le 2 juin 2017


I’ve managed to find time in the office to write ce soir. We’re flying to Boston tomorrow at noon, and there’s too many duty-free tax receipts to sort out (and some shopping) so we will have to be at Charles de Gaulle early.

Today we got the keys back to the apartment where we saw each other again a year and six months ago, when everything all began. We brought over Percy from the hotel to pick up the keys at 13h00, and it was strange that everything was as we left it. No one had really resided in it at all in the year since we moved to London. Percy laid in the corner where Albert-Claude used to sleep and slept right away. We planned to leave after dropping things off, but we ended up staying as long as we could, until before the banks were to close. I took a nap on the fresh sheets while he worked via 3G since we don’t wifi there until the 8th. It rained and thundered, cooling down the hot Paris late afternoon. Freshly planted roses — white, red, and pink — were outside our window. They were newly planted when we moved out last year and hadn’t bloomed. Even Albert-Claude’s bag of coins was left untouched. This place changed his life twice; and I was a completely different person when I moved out than when I first arrived. There’s still very good energy there.

I’m excited to board the flight to Boston via Reykjavik. Can’t wait to be back in the US — it’s been six months, which is too long.

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